Resources for Seniors in Riverside County, CA

We’ve updated our Resource List for Seniors and Caregivers. Our list begins with the Riverside County Office on Aging.

Precious Elder Ministry of St. Hugh's

We’ve updated our Resource List for Seniors and Caregivers. The resources listed are within driving distance of Idyllwild and our Mountain Communities.

View or Download our Resouce List updated 1 September 2017

Bless those who follow in his steps

Praying for those who minister to others.

A caregiving prayer

Though the language may be a bit dated for your 21st century taste, the sentiments expressed reach back to the time and ministry of Jesus. May we be faithful in our ministry to others. May we pray for each other (in words old and new) in our various ministries. ~Fr. Dan

Be well. Do good. Pay attention. Keep learning.

Image: The Episcopal Church (on Twitter)

A Caregiver’s Prayer

Give me strength to live another day.

Elderly couple holding hands at a clinic bed

Lord, show me enough strength within me because I am very tired,
Show me patience to care for the one I love,
Show me peace of mind as I struggle through each day and night,
Show me the joy in the little things my loved one does to help me out,
Show me love when anger wants to take over my thoughts,
Show me hope when I can see no hope,
And Lord, show me kindness for those who care about me.

Caregiver’s, Inc.

Do you know a caregiver? Share the prayer with them. Offer a prayer for them. Ask about how they are doing today. Volunteer to give them a respite. Perhaps you would like to light a candle for them, extending your prayer, your intercession, your thanksgiving, beyond the words you speak. ~Fr. Dan

Be well. Do good. Pay attention. Keep learning


Taboo to Caregivers

11 Things you should never say.


Begin quoteI’ve had so much support from friends and family through 35 years of family caregiving. But every now and then people say things that really frustrate and annoy me. So I reached out to other family caregivers and asked if there were things they also wish people would never say to them. People surely don’t intend to be offensive: They just might not understand caregivers’ perspectives or haven’t thought carefully about what they’re saying.

If you know someone who is a family caregiver, please try to avoid saying these things that are truly not helpful and may be hurtful.

1. “You should…” This comment just makes us feel judged and defensive. When it comes from people who aren’t intimately involved in our caregiving journeys and often have no idea of the actual needs of our loved ones, it makes us feel resentful. It’s particularly frustrating when people assume we don’t know something obvious, or haven’t already tried what they’re suggesting.

Instead: Consider saying, “You’re doing a tremendous job! If you have challenges that you’re trying to solve I’d be happy to help you brainstorm and research new approaches if that would be helpful. I don’t want to suggest things you’ve already been doing or have ruled out.”

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