Come Lord! Do not smile …

A prayer to make us uncomfortable enough to make a difference.

A Lion in the heavens

Come Lord! Do not smile and say you are already with us.
Millions do not know you and to us who do, what is the difference?
What is the point of your presence if our lives do not alter?
Change our lives, shatter our complacency.
Make your word flesh of our flesh, blood of our blood and our life’s purpose.
Take away the quietness of a clear conscience.
Press us uncomfortably.
For only thus that other peace is made, your peace.

Dom Helder Camara in Carrie Leadingham, Joann E. Moschella, Hilary M. Vartanian, Peace prayers: Meditations, affirmations, invocations, poems, and prayers for peace, (San Francisco: HarperSanFrnaciso, 1992), pp. 80-81

Even in the Easter Season we are reminded that we are a work in progress. Christ, the Risen Christ, calls us to new life in a variety of ways. And, our new life, is meant to be transformative in many dimensions. Let us not be complacent. ~Fr. Dan

Be well. Do good. Pay attention. Keep learning.