Grant me the lamp of love

Luminous with a love for others.

Oil lamp. Lit.

Grant me, O Lord, the lamp of love which never grows dim, that it may shine in me and warm my heart, and give light to others through my love for them, and by its brightness we may have a vision of the Holy City where the true and inextinguishable light shines, Jesus Christ our Lord. Amen.

A prayer by Columbanus (550-615) in Michael Counsell, Ed.,
2000 Years of Prayer Kindle Edition.

As we move into Saturday (the week day this was posted) how did you do with giving “light to others through [your] love for them”? How can you learn from the good you have done and expand into a new week? ~Fr. Dan

Be well. Do good. Pay attention. Keep learning.

2000 Years of Prayer (Amazon)

Image: Church Art


O wonder of wonders!

A prayer flowing with joyful ecstasy.

Splash on water

O wonder of wonders! when I think of the union of my soul with you, O God! You make my soul flow out of herself in joyful ecstasy, for nothing but you can content her. A spring of divine love surges over my soul, sweeping her out of herself into you, O God, her original source.

Meister Eckhart in Michael Counsell,  2000 Years of Prayer, Church Publishing Inc., Kindle Edition.


Be well. Do good. Pay attention. Keep learning.


I bind myself today…

God’s wisdom to teach me

Mobius pattern

I wear a continuous mobius bracelet, the beginning becomes the end which leads back to the beginning. On the bracelet is inscribed the following prayer:

I bind myself today:
God’s power to guide me
God’s might to uphold me
God’s wisdom to teach me
God’s eye to watch over me
God’s ear to hear me
God’s word to give me speech
God’s hand to guide me God’s way to lie before me
God’s shield to shelter me
God’s Host to secure me

—Prayer attributed to St. Patrick. Shared by Suzanne P.


Be well. Do good. Pay attention. Keep learning


To serve with wisdom, patience and courage

Wisdom, light, love, and Good News. How do you fit in?

Comforting the sad

Heavenly Father, whose blessed Son came not to be served but to serve: bless all who, following in his steps, give themselves to the service of others; that with wisdom, patience and courage, they may minister in his name to the suffering, the friendless and the needy; for the love of him who laid down his life for us, your Son our Saviour Jesus Christ, who lives and reigns with you and the Holy Spirit, one God for ever and ever. Amen.

Be well. Do good. Pay attention. Keep learning.

Source: Edward Lambe Parsons (1868-1960) in Michael Counsell (2002-08-01). 2000 Years of Prayer (Kindle Locations 8344-8347). Church Publishing Inc. Kindle Edition.