Labor Day 2017

Remember and honor those whose works are a blessing in your life.

Labor Day Arrow Prayer Ps 90:17

Remember and honor those whose “works” are a blessing in your life.

Be well. Do good. Pay attention. Keep learning.



A prayer in the aftermath of terror

In the aftermath of evil: a prayer of confidence in God

A woman lays flowers for the victims of the Manchester Arena attack, in central Manchester.

To Bend Light is a Blog of “Jewish Prayers from the Heart and Pen of Alden Solovy.” Let his prayer “For Manchester and England” touch your heart and inform your own prayers this day. ~Fr. Dan


Begin quote

For Manchester and England
Author of life,
Grant peace and consolation
To the victims and the injured
After the attack in Manchester,
Where youths, teens and their parents were murdered
In an act of calculated terror.

Source and Creator,
Grant a perfect rest under your tabernacle of peace
To the victims of this attack,
Whose lives were cut off
In an act of witless aggression.
May their souls be bound up in the bond of life,
A living blessing in our midst.
May they rest in peace.

Remember the survivors of this horror.
Grant them shelter and solace,
Comfort and consolation,
Blessing and courage.
May their healing —
And the healing of this nation —
Continue with devotion and courage.

We also remember the victims
And survivors of the 7/7 and Westminster attacks,
Praying for their souls and their healing.

Heavenly Guide,
Hand of love and shelter,
Put an end to anger and hatred,
Bigotry and fear.
Let terrorists put down their weapons
To discover a new path.
May the victims of all violence
Find hope and renewal.
Lead us to a time when no one
Suffers or dies at the hand of another.

,עוֹשֶׂה שָׁלוֹם בִּמְרוֹמָיו, הוּא יַעֲשֶׂה שָׁלוֹם עָלֵינוּ
וְעַל כָּל יִשְׂרָאֵל, וְעַל כָּל יוֹשְׁבֵי תֵּבֵל, וְאִמְרוּ אָמֵן

Oseh shalom bimromav, hu ya’aseh shalom aleinu,
V’al kol Yisraeil, v’al kol yosh’vei teivel, V’imru, Amen.

May the One who creates harmony above, make peace for us,
For all Israel, and all who dwell on earth. And say: Amen.

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Image: Reuters—A woman lays flowers for the victims of the Manchester Arena attack, in central Manchester. REUTERS/Darren Staples